Thursday, April 16, 2009


After a long flight, Hamburg welcomed me with perfect weather. Could relax a
full day just in my house and getting ready for tomorrow. I will fly first
to Milano. There Edvan, Sasa and Chico will wait for me. Then we will travel
together with Gianluca and Franco to Bologna.
There we will have a little dinner and maybe a little birthday party. Then
on Saturday we will move on to Sardinia. On Sardinia we will have a training
camp for 10 days and then go to our first event in Austria.
Edvan, Chico and Sasa will join all my trips the upcoming 5 month. We will
go together to every training, competitions etc.
The full trip is sponsored by Pousada Windjeri. I will keep updating my blog
as much as possible.
Have fun

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The last weeks i have been on maui. We had quite good conditions. Besides some sailing i mainly focused on filming. 2 month ago we started a new dvd project. Involved are Peter Svensson (Director of Movie), Sebastian Dörr (Editor of Extras), Marcilio Browne, Victor Fernadez, Gollito and myself.

The movie will be called Four Dimensions and should be in all shops by the end of this summer.

I am now sitting on San Fransisco Airport waiting for my flight home. I will spend my birthday in Hamburg and the leave on friday to Italia. Here i will go straight into my next project. This year i will take care of Chico Bento, Edvan and Sasa. The 3 Brasilian Kids are well known for there high level. Pousada Windjeri offered this 3 lucky guys a trip around Europe to visit all the contests.

If you would like to follow the production process of Four Dimensions - please see:

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