Thursday, April 16, 2009


After a long flight, Hamburg welcomed me with perfect weather. Could relax a
full day just in my house and getting ready for tomorrow. I will fly first
to Milano. There Edvan, Sasa and Chico will wait for me. Then we will travel
together with Gianluca and Franco to Bologna.
There we will have a little dinner and maybe a little birthday party. Then
on Saturday we will move on to Sardinia. On Sardinia we will have a training
camp for 10 days and then go to our first event in Austria.
Edvan, Chico and Sasa will join all my trips the upcoming 5 month. We will
go together to every training, competitions etc.
The full trip is sponsored by Pousada Windjeri. I will keep updating my blog
as much as possible.
Have fun