Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Raining and new Project

I am now since 1.5 weeks here in El Yaque. Still not like expected. Most
days a bit of wind but still lots of rain. Time for me to prepare my next
This time from Jeri. The editing process is already finished. Editor once
again was Sebastian Dörr and i think he did a good job.
Also the riders did well. Gollito shows 5 NEW moves, Marcilio gets the first
taste of his new gear and i am behind the camera (mostly). Check out the
full movie called "Samba" on the 9th of March!
Attached you see the first frameshoots from the movie!


  1. we are waiting for your new movie )))

  2. Hey Andre, I also like your movies a lot but prefer quicktime format over flashvideo. Is there a possibility to download your movies also as .mov?
    Thanks Chris

  3. @the first one

    why dont you just convert the flash video into a quicktime movie file???

  4. Hi,

    There will be during this year a bigger DVD coming out which will also include all Clips i have done so far in High Quality on the extra section! Andre

  5. Can't wait for this "big" DVD !